Improving Serious Illness Conversations for Patients with Structural Vulnerabilities and Substance Use Disorders

Principal Investigator
Emma Schon
Providence Health Care
Study Contact
Emma Schon
Project Lay Summary

Conversations between clinicians and patients about goals of care become increasingly important when patients experience serious illness. The complexity of serious illness conversations multiplies dramatically when the patient is experiencing substance use disorders, mental health issues, homelessness or other challenges related to socio-economic factors (referred to as structural vulnerabilities). Currently, little is known about the preferences of structurally vulnerable patients while engaging in serious illness conversations. This is a major practice gap and an important area of palliative care research. Through one-on-one interviews, we will hear directly from patients about their experiences having these conversations. We will identify common themes and preferences for engaging in serious illness conversations. Ultimately, we hope to develop a best practice guide for clinicians and improve health care for patients experiencing structural vulnerabilities.

Project Details
Non-Drug Study
British Columbia
Research Topics
Health Services
Advance Care Planning and Goals of Care, Acute Care
Target Groups
Patients, Healthcare Providers

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