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September 22, 2023
Closing ceremony for research study on improving bereavement experience among people experiencing homelessness
September 12, 2023
For PCPCRC member Dr. Kieran Quinn, "research is a team sport"
August 31, 2023
For Andrée Chartrand, being a caregiver partner gives more purpose to a difficult lived experience
August 21, 2023
"A real sense of helping each other to do the best work that we can": PCPCRC member Dr. Jessica Simon
July 19, 2023
Bringing national attention to long-running structural barriers: PCPCRC member Dr. Zhimeng Jia
June 12, 2023
"Giving back to the research community": Patient Partner Debi Lascelle
June 12, 2023
For caregiver partner Roberta Casabon, "caregivers don’t realize the value of their lived experience"
May 12, 2023
Launch of the HOMR Initiative website
April 27, 2023
PCPCRC joins the Accelerating Clinical Trials (ACT) Canada Consortium
March 10, 2023
Webinar - Dying and Grieving in the COVID Pandemic
April 29, 2022
Welcome to the PCPCRC!
April 20, 2022
New funding to a Pan-Canadian research network supports quality palliative care across the country
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