Closing ceremony for research study on improving bereavement experience among people experiencing homelessness

The “Improving the bereavement experience among people who are experiencing homelessness in BC” research study, led by PCPCRC member Dr. Joshua Black, held its closing ceremony on July 26, 2023.

The ceremony’s dual purpose was to thank those involved in the work and to honour those who have died in the community and those impacted by these losses. Read more about the event in the BC Centre for Palliative Care (BCCPC)’s newsletter here.


The Research Study

The project sought to understand the experiences and perspectives of people who have experienced bereavement in the context of homelessness, and to understand how to better support those who are bereaved and experiencing homelessness moving forward. Having conducted 40 in-person interviews with people with lived experience of bereavement in the context of homelessness, the team will now turn to analyzing the data collected.

This project was awarded seed funding by the PCPCRC in 2023. Learn more about the work here.

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