Improving the Bereavement Experience Among People Who Are Experiencing Homelessness in BC

Principal Investigator
Joshua Black
BC Centre for Palliative Care
Study Contact
Joshua Black
Project Lay Summary

Our recent research at the BC Centre for Palliative Care shows that there aren’t enough grief supports available for people experiencing homelessness after someone they care about dies. Additionally, there has been very little research conducted to understand this type of grief among people living within the context of homelessness. It is not possible to improve care for this vulnerable population if their experiences are not understood. In this research study we will interview people with lived experiences of both grief (from a death of someone they cared about) and homelessness. Our goal is to better understand their experiences and learn their perspectives on how they can be best supported moving forward. The findings of these studies will inform new policy development and service improvement efforts aiming to enhance the availability and access to quality grief supports tailored to the needs of people experiencing homelessness.

Project Details
Non-Drug Study
British Columbia
Research Topics
Symptom Management, Health Services
Grief and Bereavement
Target Groups

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