Serious Illness Conversation: Facilitators and Barriers to Implementation

Principal Investigator
Rachel Carter
BC Centre for Palliative Care
Study Contact
Laura Finkler-Kemeny
Project Lay Summary
The purpose of this research is to understand the system barriers and facilitators to implementing the Serious Illness Conversation (SIC) Program in BC. We will collect data from clinicians, administrators, and healthcare leaders through surveys and interviews to investigate the experiences and process of integrating the SIC Program into current policy and practice. We hope to gain a better understanding of how to better implement the SIC Program and what prevents organizations and clinicians from successfully integrating the SIC Program. We also hope to identify potential performance indicators. We intend to use the research findings to co-create with partners an implementation toolkit to support their implementation of the SIC Guide.
Project Details
Non-Drug Study
British Columbia
Research Topics
Health Services
Advance Care Planning and Goals of Care
Target Groups
Healthcare Providers

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