Palliative Care, Early & Systematic (PaCES): Impact on Patient & Health System Outcomes

Principal Investigator
Jessica Simon & Aynharan Sinnarajah
University of Calgary; Alberta Health Services
Study Contact
Project Lay Summary

People living with advanced (incurable) cancer are not routinely provided with timely palliative care. We know that people who receive palliative care earlier (e.g., while still receiving cancer treatments) have better quality of life and less family distress. But, our health systems struggle to provide this “early palliative care.” This study will look at the effectiveness of routinely offering early palliative care to people with incurable colorectal cancer. We will do this by using: (1) “Pathways” or roadmaps to guide healthcare providers on when and how to identify and address suffering associated with colorectal cancer; and (2) Routinely ensuring all patients and families are supported in five key palliative needs. We will measure the impact on patients, their families and the healthcare system. We will start in one city and compare results with another similar city. Learnings will be shared to help people living with other cancers, and in other areas of Alberta and Canada.

Project Details
Non-Drug Study

Cancer Only Study

Research Topics
Symptom Management, Health Services
Timely Identification of Palliative Needs, Outpatient Care
Target Groups
Patients, Family Caregivers, Healthcare Providers

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