Modafinil to Improve Fatiguability (MODIFY)

Principal Investigator
Mohamed Abdelaal
Division of Palliative Care, Department of Medicine, University of Ottawa ; The Ottawa Hospital Research Institute
Study Contact
Shainuka Kannathas
Project Lay Summary

People who have cancer often feel very tired (called fatigue) and might have cognitive difficulties like problems concentrating. These symptoms may result from the cancer itself or treatments such as chemotherapy. Right now, there are no approved medications to treat these symptoms. However, a medication called modafinil, which is used for sleeping problems, may be able to treat these symptoms. In this study, patients with cancer experiencing cancer-related fatigue will be randomized to receive either modafinil or a “placebo” (a pill that doesn’t have any medication in it) for 2 weeks. Participants will fill out questionnaires about their symptoms to help assess if those who receive modafinil have more symptom relief than those who received the placebo. If modafinil can help treat these symptoms, patients would experience improved quality of life and ability to do the activities they enjoy.

Project Details
Drug Study

Cancer Only Study

Research Topics
Symptom Management
Target Groups

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