Exploring the Experiences of Spousal and Child Caregivers from Minority Groups Caring for Family Members at the End-of-Life

Principal Investigator
Wenshan Li
Ottawa Hospital Research Institute
Study Contact
Wenshan Li
Project Lay Summary

Family caregivers support older Canadians greatly and ensure dignity in their end-of-life days. Caregivers of individuals from racial, ethno-cultural, and linguistic minority groups often experience additional challenges and are less supported. Yet, little is known about their experiences. This study will explore the experiences and challenges of caregivers of individuals at the end-of-life who belong to racial, ethno-cultural, and/or linguistic minority groups. Our aims are: 1) Document the experiences of spousal and child caregivers of individuals at the end-of-life, exploring nuances related to their minority status; 2) Understand their experiences and perceptions of palliative care support and resources; and 3) Explore how caregiving experiences impact caregivers who are, or will soon be, care-recipients themselves in terms of decisions about their own care. We will interview caregivers to collect in-depth information and interpret the findings with a health equity lens.

Project Details
Non-Drug Study
Research Topics
Health Services
Caregiver Distress, Grief and Bereavement, Advance Care Planning and Goals of Care, Timely Identification of Palliative Needs, Community Home Care
Target Groups
Family Caregivers

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