An Environmental Scan of Palliative Care Data Initiatives in Canada

Principal Investigator
Colleen Webber
Ottawa Hospital Research Institute
Study Contact
Project Lay Summary

Information collected on the delivery of palliative care and the outcomes of patients receiving palliative care can help inform improvements in care. The aim of this project is to understand what data are currently available to measure palliative care quality in Canada and to identify where gaps in data availability gaps exist. Specifically, we will examine (1) how patient outcome data are currently being collected by palliative care providers across the country, including what outcomes are being measured and how the information is collected and stored, (2) how is palliative care quality being measured across Canada, and what data are being used for measurement, and (3) what aspects of palliative care are most important to patients and families when measuring the quality of palliative care.

Project Details
Non-Drug Study
Research Topics
Data Standardization
Pain, Nausea, Fatigue, Drowsiness, Sleep Disturbance, Delirium, Shortness of Breath, Depression, Anxiety, Existential Distress, Caregiver Distress
Target Groups
Patients, Family Caregivers, Healthcare Providers

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