Launch of the HOMR Initiative website

The HOMR (Hospital One-year Mortality Risk) Initiative website has launched! The PCPCRC is delighted to share this fantastic resource with our community.

HOMR is an algorithm integrated into the Electronic Medical Records systems (EMRs) of hospitals to accurately and reliably identify patients who have a high risk of dying in the next year. This helps clinicians identify patients who are admitted to hospital with potential unmet palliative needs. Designed by Dr. Carl van Walraven (Ottawa Hospital Research Institute), the HOMR tool enables healthcare teams to engage with patients and caregivers to make informed decisions about palliative and end-of-life care.  

The HOMR Initiative website is dedicated to educating the public about the tool and providing a forum for its growing Community of Practice—already encompassing over 20 hospitals across Canada! The site includes a series of Hospital Implementation Stories, beginning with this profile on the William Osler Health System.

The HOMR Initiative is co-led by Dr. James Downar (Ottawa Hospital Research Institute, University of Ottawa, and Bruyère Research Institute) and Dr. Pete Wegier (Humber River Hospital) and co-managed by Julie Lapenskie (Ottawa Hospital Research Institute and Bruyère Research Institute) and Sara Subramaniam (Humber River Hospital).  

To learn more, visit the website at 

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